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The Kaleshwar Charitable Trust is a non-profit Charity with Registered number 1127202, and a Limited Company registered in England and Wales under number 06770181, which was incorporated in December 2008.

The objects for the Kaleshwar Charitable Trust are: for the promotion of spiritual welfare and physical and mental health by the practice of the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, and the provision and training and education and research in the topics of those teachings in particular, ancient Indian sciences, artifacts, knowledge, teachings, philosophy, and techniques and by such other means, and for the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, or financial hardship. 
As a practical implementation of these aims, the Trust will organize meetings, lectures, conferences, courses of instruction, guidance, and resources for community service, including free public events and individual sessions.

In addition we are currently supporting charitable projects in India founded by Sri Kaleshwar, including the Sri Kaleshwar Educational Trust, Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital and SSGT Medical Camp.

Your donations at any level are eligible for Gift Aid Declaration.

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For more information about Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital, please click here.