September 2016


We cannot open directly ‘our heart’ to God.

You have to open the heart to the children, the birds, the nature – the loving persons. 

It brings ‘you’ to God. God is hidden in all – in everything.

Sri Kaleshwar


Dear Friends of KCT,

We hope you are enjoying the late summer!

We just got back from India and would like to update you on the latest charity activities and share some beautiful moments and photos with you.

We had a lovely meeting with many of the sponsored children.
We shared candies, cookies and had a small gift for each one of them.
In return we received their happy smiles and joyful hearts. We could also take personal photos for their sponsorship parents.
Besides, some of the sponsors, who came to Penukonda, were very happy to be able to meet their children in person and to have a little chit chat with them.

It is so wonderful and heart touching for us to personally meet with all those lovely kids, whom we keep supporting to enable them a brighter future.
A big THANK YOU to all of you, who make this possible through your generous donations.

We like to use this opportunity to invite those who are interested in becoming a sponsor of one of the 90 kids, who we are currently supporting.
We are happy and grateful for each new sponsor supporting this great Educational Project, founded by Sri Kaleshwar in 2008.

By taking on a sponsorship for one individual child you will receive annual updates on your child, its progress and results at school as well as an updated photo.
You may also write a letter to your child (through Kaleshwar Charitable Trust) or meet your kid, when you are in Penukonda.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a new sponsor for one of the children, who are grateful to receive the support for their basic and higher education or college.

Children are the seed for a brighter future and better world!

Wishing you all a wonderful Indian Summer!

Much love,

Your KCT Team

Kaleshwar Charitable Trust UK | Registered Charity 1127202