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Sai Shakti Meditations

Sai Shakti Meditation and Healing is a group of Meditation Teachers and Healers, dedicated to helping you to find peace of mind and deep inner silence. 

They offer FREE healing, meditation and knowledge sessions on Monday evenings. 

They offer simple meditation courses that are suitable for everyone.

They offer one to one healing sessions with certified Sai Shakti Healers. 

They can teach you how to bring yourself back into balance using meditation, healing and simple de-charging techniques. An understanding of de-charging is essential in the modern world where we often come into contact with stressful situations and various sources of negativity. We can teach you easy ways to release (de-charge) negativity and thus prevent it from affecting your health and well-being.

The ancient knowledge we teach and the techniques we use come from India. We have fun investigating and teaching how East meets West and how science interfaces with spirituality. We are not connected to any dogma, creed or religion.

They are affiliated to the Kaleshwar Charitable Trust in the UK.

Please visit their website at: www.saishaktimeditationandhealing.com