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Ashram of A Great Spiritual Master and Saint

At the feet of the sacred 'magic mountain', a gigantic hill to the Southwest of the rural village of Penukonda in South India, we can find the 'Divine Mystery Fort' – a sacred ashram created by Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami. When still only a young man Dr.Sri Kaleshwar was ordered by his Master, Shirdi Sai Baba, to build an ashram according to Kaleshwara Vaastu, which is based on the traditional Vedic knowledge of the ancient Vaastu Shastra. Over several years and much hard work, faith, patience and his master's blessing, Swami created the Siva Sai Mandir Ashram. This is an extraordinarily beautiful place. It is a sacred power spot and a spiritual centre. Here Swami taught and demonstrated to his Western students, the ancient divine knowledge that was written in ancient palm‐leaf manuscripts, thousands of years old.

On March 15th, 2012 Sri Kaleshwar took Mahasamadhi. He left his body, soul, energy & power in the Dwarkamai (one of the special temples in the ashram). Now everybody is welcome to come to the ashram to meditate and to connect to Swami’s strong soul presence.

Visiting the Ashram

The Siva Sai Mandir Ashram is Sri Kaleshwar's gift to the world. It is open for people from around the globe to come and visit. Here you can enjoy the greatness, power and healing vibration of the divine energy. There are three very powerful and beautiful temples dedicated to Shirdi Baba, to Jesus and to Mother Divine. There is Swami's Samadhi (tomb) where you can experience a direct connection to his soul power. During your stay you can enjoy the beauty of the ashram gardens, attend the daily early morning Abishek to Shirdi Baba and the Aartis at lunchtime and in the evening. You can meditate in any of the temples, at Swami's Dhuni (fire pit) and on the holy grounds. Anyone, who is interested in spending some time at the Siva Sai Mandir Ashram in Penukonda, is welcome to apply to come as a visitor. You may come for a short or long period of time. You can focus on your own meditation programme, do spiritual self‐study, contribute to the running of the ashram by your seva (voluntary service) and join in with Bhajans (devotional songs) each evening. Everyone is asked to maintain silence as much as possible to keep the fragrance of this holy place alive as it was during Swami's lifetime.


Please go to www.kaleshwar.org and scroll down to the lower right side to 'Shiva Sai Mandir Events' – Visiting the Ashram. To register, please click on the “Register” button and follow the procedure. You will be asked to create a student account, which is necessary for your visit. 

Group visit to the Ashram

If you are interested in joining a guided visit and stay at the Ashram, you are welcome to participate in a Group Power journey to Penukonda. The next planned trip will be in July 2015. You will have the unique opportunity to join a group meditation process, satsangs, as well as special trips to nearby temples and sacred power spots.

For further info please see our current leaflet or contact us at: contact@kaleshwarcharitabletrust.org