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River of Fire

River of Fire Volume I 

Mystic Journeys with Sri Kaleshwar

by Marie Fontaine

This special Pre-press Full Book Color PDF is offered as a download for a voluntary donation to the Navya Sri Free Eye Hospital and Sri Sai Kaleshwar Educational Trust. 

Here is a unique opportunity to read the first volume of this new book series before its release in bookstores next year! This Pre-press Full Book PDF Download includes 270 pages of stories and color photographs of the very early times with Swami.

“River of Fire is a two volume series written both for Swami’s many students and an audience who may be new to traditions of an Eastern path.  Stories reflect major events of the very early years, sharing Swami’s humor and everyday life as seen through the eyes of a new Western student attempting to navigate a mysterious and unknown world…  Deep personal struggles and heart-warming joys are brought to life in these engaging stories, allowing the reader to see, feel and taste a rare and genuine spiritual adventure, set amidst the timeless backdrop of India.”                  

Review, Sean Brighton

"A gorgeous, authentic, beautifully written, from-the-heart document of life with a true siddha master - rare and profound - thank you Mari for capturing and sharing such divine energy."

Jonathan D. Rosen

“Many thanks for your generous contributions to this worthy cause. Your gift is giving sight to the blind and education for children of the future!” 

Marie Fontaine

We are kindly asking for a voluntary donation.

Your donation (suggested donation: 10 GBP or 15 USD) for the download goes for funding the Navya Sri Free Eye Hospital (more information) and Sri Sai Kaleshwar Educational Trust (more information), through the Kaleshwar Charitable Trust, a non-profit Charity with Registered Number 1127202, in England and Wales.

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