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Ancient Knowledge

“The only difference between the master and the student is knowledge”                Swami Kaleshwar

The master knows certain things that the student does not yet know. Swami said that it is his dharma, his duty, to bring the ancient knowledge of the great Rishis of India to the modern world.

For thousands of years this knowledge has been hidden and protected, taught only to a few. Now is the time for the world to receive the knowledge of the powerful spiritual systems written about in the ancient manuscripts.

The knowledge is important and how you use it is important. This is the wisdom that Swami Kaleshwar was giving open-heartedly to the world. He was a spiritual master intent on making more spiritual masters—hundreds more—who in turn will have the capacity to make hundreds and thousands more. All of them will be trained to bring enlightenment and healing to mankind during these critical times.
Swami heartfully advocated that everyone is worthy of this knowledge and it should and must be given to the world

This was his duty, his dharma. Everything he did was to fulfill this pledge.